TH46 herringbone cloth in silver grey warp and turf weft
TH46 herringbone cloth in silver grey warp and turf weft th43 swatch stack th46 roll tweed Tweed Silver Turf Herringbone Th46 Herringbone Tweed bundle th 43 44 46 L Tweed Silver Turf Herringbone Th46 Classic herringbone tweed fabric woven with Silver Grey warp and turf weft

Tweed Silver Turf Herringbone Th46

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Tweed Silver Turf Herringbone Th46 is 100% Pure New Wool Tweed in colourings inspired by the beautiful Kerry countryside. Standard cloth width 60″ (153 cm), these tweeds are approx. 350gms sq./m. Cloth is suitable for clothing & headwear. Silver grey warp with Bilberry  weft.

Sold per linear metre.

Aran Knitting Wool Turf Mix


Tweed Silver Turf Herringbone Th46. This 100% Pure New Wool Tweed cloth in an authentic herringbone pattern are approx 350 gm per sq/m this mid-weight cloth is 60″ (152 cm) wide. The Kerry landscape that surrounds us provides the inspiration behind all of our colourways. Each one reflective of the stunning flora and fauna of our natural working environment. In order to see this beautiful altered twill weave detail clearer please zoom in on the picture.
Irish wool Tweed fabric is a timeless luxury fabric. It is both durable and sustainable as well as being forever on trend. A long standing fashion staple. Our Irish wool tweed fabric is suitable for use in both head wear and clothing
This fabric is 100% made in Ireland using Irish lowland wool. The yarn is dyed, blended, carded and spun by us at our family run mill here in Kerry. We then weave the yarn into our classic and fashionable tweeds and fabrics. We have been weaving our Irish Wool Tweed fabric here for over 300 years. Our achievements in seamlessly bridging the gap between traditional and contemporary design speak for themselves.
We strive to share our passion for wool with our customers- where the quality and craftsmanship of our fabric and yarns far outweigh the attraction to the “fast fashion” culture. Irish Wool Tweed is an iconic part of traditional Ireland and our clothing. Bringing us back to a time when wool was the fibre of choice around the world admired and utilised for its many benefits. A fabric which has stood the test of time and one which we delight in weaving.
We are happy to guarantee that our Irish tweed wool fabrics are 100% made by us, Kerry Woollen Mills located near Killarney, Ireland.
CERTIFIED: 100% Pure New Wool- Made in Ireland
Pure New Wool is wool that has only been through the production process once and therefore the wool is in its best condition.
To watch the process of production from fleece to fabric please click on the link and see for yourself how we bring our irish tweed wool fabric to life:
watch us spin & weave”.
Our Irish Tweed Wool Fabrics are produced from lowland wools which are selected for their different qualities. Qualities such as fibre length, colour, crimp and micron gaurantee our consistent high quality of fabric.
Standard Irish Tweed Fabric Cloth width is 60″ (153cm) these tweeds are approximately 300gm a sq/m.


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