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Imacon Color Scanner kerry scarf woven in soft cashwool in classic green plaid. Hand knotted tassels soft cashwool scarf in Wild berry plaid. Hand knotted tassels

Cashwool Merino Plaid Scarves

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Cashwool Merino Plaid Scarf are woven in a classic Kerry plaid weave in 100% pure new Cashwool (Extra fine merino Lambswool) . These luxurious scarves are woven with a weave style to enhance the natural softness of the yarn.

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Cashwool Merino Plaid Scarves carry the Kerry brand and are composed of 100% pure new Cashwool (extra fine merino wool) . These luxurious supersoft scarves are woven with a weave style to enhance its natural softness.

Wool characteristics

The fineness of the Merino fibre makes it soft, and provides great insulation, how its scales make it water repellent and help resist stains, how its ability to absorb moisture aids breathability and contributes to odour resistance, how its elasticity delivers excellent drape and eliminates wrinkles, and more.

Cashwool Merino Plaid Scarves characteristics:

  • Natural Breathability
  • Natural durability
  • Natural stretch and drape
  • Natural odour resistance
  • Natural temperature control
  • Natural fi re and static resistance
  • Natural UV protection
  • Natural sweat and moisture control
  • Water repellent While the core of the Merino fibre is hydrophilic and capable of absorbing up to a third of its dry weight in moisture vapour, the surface of Merino is hydrophobic. That is, it repels liquids. Waxy coating The Merino fibre has a very thin, waxy, lipid coating chemically bonded to the surface. This bonded layer extends over the overlapping scales on the surface of the fibres and cannot be easily removed by scouring, washing or processing. A consequence of this surface layer is that Merino fibres have a naturally low surface energy – lower than cotton, nylon or polyester and comparable with the hydrophobic surface of polypropylene. (Fig 1) It’s this low surface energy that makes Merino water-repellent because droplets that touch lightly on the surface of Merino will bead and roll off before being absorbed into the fabric. Summary A waxy lipid coating on the scales of the Merino fibre lower its surface energy and make it naturally water repellent.





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