Irish tweed cap in Sage fleck 412E

Tweed Cap Sage Fleck 412E

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Irish tweed cap in sage fleck 412E. . This beautiful bespoke cap is Guaranteed made in Ireland from design to fleece to finished fabric . Dyed, spun and woven at our family run mill in Kerry, Ireland

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Tweed Cap Sage Fleck 412E

Tweed Cap Sage Fleck 412E is a beautiful bespoke cap which we make in Ireland from Irish tweed. Firstly, the wool is dyed, blended, spun and woven on site at our family run mill in Killarney, Ireland. Therefore we can guarantee the quality of your purchase. We truly enjoy producing this beautiful cap from fleece to fabric to its finished state, showing our true passion for wool.

The Wild Atlantic Ocean provides us with never ending inspiration with its everchanging colourways . Furthermore, the tweed we use in our caps is a blend of over 10 different colours giving the cap a fine salt and pepper heavy weight finish.

Classic & Timeless
The Irish Tweed Cap is a classic and timeless style has been worn and cherished for generations. It is a fantastic piece to compliment every wardrobe. The Irish Tweed flat Cap style is perfect for all genders, and is a great everyday piece.

Our Tweed Caps have a stud fastener on the peak and because of this they can be worn and styled in different ways. The high quality of our tweed means you are buying a durable, long lasting, timeless hat as well as buying a piece of our Irish heritage. This style of cap has been around for over 500 years. Without a doubt this timeless style means it is not going anywhere anytime soon.
Quality & Source Guarantee:

We are happy to guarantee that this fine bespoke tailored cap is 100% made in Ireland. From fleece to fabric and lastly to our fine finished product. We dye, spin and weave our wool at Kerry Woollen Mills, Killarney, Ireland. Then lastly the tweed is fashioned into a comfortable, snug cap.

Lastly, we realise how important it is to be able to witness the exciting process of taking wool fleece to fabric. It also gives us a chance to showcase our traditional weaving methods involved in producing your cap. We would encourage you to take a look here to see us in action

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