Irish Aran wool sweaters in Blue and Natural white. Unisex.

Aran Crew Neck Unisex Derby Tweed

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Aran sweaters from Kerry Woollen Mills in a rich range of blended colours. Durable and classic unisex style, popular with both young and old.


100% pure new wool aran crew neck sweater, traditional stitches, attractive blended colours, winter warmth.

Aran crew neck sweaters in a rich range of blended wool colours. Traditional cable patterns are symbolic of Irish and Celtic heritage.

Kerry Woollen Mills aran crew neck sweaters are heavy weight ensuring warmth from the outside in! Aran wool sweaters are warm & durable. No matter what the weather they are designed to keep you at the right temperature year round. Wool is a beautiful natural fibre, it works well with your body to aid in regulating your temperature. Wool keeps you warm when the weather is cold. However during warmer months wool helps your body to breath to keep you cool.

At Kerry Woollen Mills our beautiful aran wool sweaters are designed to signify the lives of our forefathers through the use of traditional stitches in the design.

These sweaters are a timless statement of our Irish heritage, when you purchase one of these beautiful sweaters you are not only buying an Irish Made sweater you are celebrating our Irish heritage.


We are happy to gaurantee that our Irish wool items are 100% made by us, Kerry Woollen Mills located near Killarney, Ireland.

CERTIFIED: 100% Pure New Wool- Made in Ireland

Pure New Wool is wool that has only been through the production process once and therefore the wool is in its best condition.

100% pure new wool crew neck sweater, traditional stitches, attractive blended colours for  winter warmth.

Pair your sweater with a cable knit beanie for a truly authentic & cosy style

o Materials: 100% pure new wool
o Size: small, medium, large and extra large, XXL

o Materials: 100% wool
o Size: small, medium, large and extra large, XXL

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