Soft superwash merino knitting wool in gentle Gardenia.
Soft superwash merino knitting wool in gentle Gardenia. Superwash soft merino lambswool knitting wool 2020swatch by Kerry Woollen Mills Soft superwash merino knitting wool-Gardenia

Superwash Lambswool Gardenia

13.00 (15.99 incl VAT)

Superwash Lambswool Gardenia knitting wool is supersoft , skeined in 200gm hanks,(660m) .
The wool can be washed at 40 deg. we recommend woolly wash    Woolly Wash , gentle washing for wool garments


Superwash Lambswool Gardenia is soft Merino worsted wool which is suitable for machine washing at 40 deg. Sometimes referred to as “washable wool”. A quality product , the wool has been treated to smoothe the fibres making it resistant to shrinkage and felting.

This soft and gentle handle wool is particularly suitable for baby and infant clothing and bed wear. Also soft superwash merino wool is gentle to babies and sensitive adults
Indeed the wool knits up nicely for people of all ages who like soft gentle wool. Patterns can be easily found and downloaded on www.

We recommend natural-fibre shampoo ( ie Woolly Wash) like you might use for hand-washing non-superwash wools is Woolly Wash , gentle washing for wool garments

Superwash Lambswool Gardenia knitting yarn is gentle and very suitable for those with sensitive skin.

The superwash knitting yarn is similiar to DK yarn in quality and count.
The supersoft handle is very suitable for knitting adult & baby clothes, ie hats, socks, mitts & jackets .

Available in 200gm skeins/hanks which are 660m long.

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 660 cm