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Carded wool & wool Roving

€ 11.30 (€13.90 inc. VAT)

Carded wool & wool Roving can be used for felting , textile arts and crafting  in a variety of vibrant colors: Also available in natural white and grey. Priced per 500 gm weight (1.1 lb).  A 1 kg mixed color bag is available (of 2.2 lbs)

Carded Wool Undyed colours


Carded wool and Wool Roving can be used for felting , textile arts and crafting in a variety of vibrant colours and is also available in Natural White and Grey. Single direction brushed wool fibres.


We are happy to guarantee that our Carded Wool and Wool roving are 100% made by us, Kerry Woollen Mills located near Killarney, Ireland.

CERTIFIED: 100% Pure New Wool- Made in Ireland

Pure New Wool is wool that has only been through the production process once and therefore the wool is in its best condition.

Here at our family run mill in Kerry, just outside Killarney on the beautiful Ring of Kerry we blend, dye, card our wool. Our vibrant colours selection of  Wool is hugely popular with textile artists and all wool crafters.

Join us in our passion of wool and take a look at the process of wool production at our mill,

Priced per lb weight (450gm).

A mixed colour bag is available (of 2lbs)

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
carded wool 2022 Sept

a blue, b sea green, c forest green, d navy, e green bushes, f purple, g black, h yellow, i turquoise, j raspberry fleck, k dull lime, l orange marl, m kerry green, n pink marl, o baby pink, p plum pink, q teal, r navy marl, s mustard, t orange, u cerise, v red, Natural White, 1kg Mixed bag