Aran knitting wool Scarlet Poppy red
Aran knitting wool Scarlet Poppy red Aran knitting wool Scarlet Poppy Red, an authentic Kerry Woollen Mills product. Aran knitting wool REDS swatch, Authentic Kerry Woollen Mills products

Aran Knitting Wool Scarlet

13.50 (16.61 incl VAT)

Aran Knitting Wool Scarlet is Poppy red.   Authentic Kerry Woollen Mills products   .100% pure Aran knitting wool.

Sold in 200gm hanks in 3ply Aran quality (365yrds approx).


Aran Knitting Wool Scarlet, our knitting wool is produced from lowland wools including Irish fleece selected for different qualities including fibre length, colour, crimp and micron to guarantee consistent good quality product.

Our quality and source guarantee:

We are happy to guarantee that our aran knitting wool is 100% made by us ,at our family run mill ,  Kerry Woollen Mills , located near Killarney, Ireland.

Certified: 100% Pure New Wool, made in Ireland

Sold in 200 gm hanks (365 yards approx)

3 ply yarn

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