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Herringbone patterned Throws

€ 89.95 (€110.64 inc. VAT)

Herringbone patterned Throws . Killarney rugs and throws in beautiful exaggerated  herringbone weaves with natural white warp . 100% pure new wool.  Travel rugs are finished with tassels

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Herringbone patterned Throws . Our Killarney range of rugs and blankets in beautiful weaves with the warmth of 100% wool. Available in travel rug size. Travel rugs are finished with tassels

Wool blankets for beds and bonfires: If you’re searching for the epitome of comfort and luxury, a wool blanket is a great investment for not only you, but also the environment. Placing a wool blanket on your bed can help you save energy. So turn down the thermostat and cuddle up in a woolen blanket. You’ll soon feel the natural warmth and cosiness that wool can provide. As wool is intrinsically flame retardant our wool blankets are a safe option for keeping warm during outside gatherings around stoves & open fires.

We are happy to guarantee that these 100% new wool blankets are made at our historic family run Kerry Woollen Mills in Beaufort Killarney, from fleece to finished product.

Source: We dye the fleece as raw wool, blend, card and spin the yarn before weaving the cloth and finishing into beautiful warm wool blankets. Our natural wool products offer the opportunity to introduce friends and loved ones to the healthy habit of buying authentic natural Irish made products.

Kerry Woollen Mills Guarantee of Origin and Quality

(from fleece to finished product)

100% Irish wool blankets made at our family operated Kerry Woollen Mills in Beaufort, Killarney, Ireland.

We are happy to certify the place of manufacture (Kerry) and that we use only pure new wool.

Pure new wool is wool that has only been through the production process once and is therefore wool in its best condition making it strong and warm.

Using washed fleece from lowland wools including Irish fleece. The fleece is selected for different qualities including fibre length, colour, crimp and micron. This is to guarantee consistent good quality product yarn which is made onsite. We dye the raw fleece before blending and spinning it into yarn for weaving.  We design & weave the blanket cloth before washing and raising the nap to ensure its soft handle. Our blankets feel soft to touch but provide warmth to the body & soul

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Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 140 × 165 × 0.4 cm
Herringbone Weave

Atlantic Teal, Sunflower Yellow, Blackberry, Monochrome, Green Bushes, Elegant Fawn, Cerise Pink, Rambling Rose