Upholstery Fabric

There are several standards that can be used to evaluate the quality of upholstery wool fabric. One of the most important specifications is abrasion resistance. The Martindale abrasion test is commonly used to predict wearability. Upholstery fabrics for heavy-duty use are rated at 30,000 rubs – these are appropriate for corporate offices, hotel rooms, conference rooms, waiting areas, lounges, dining areas, etc.

Another important specification is colorfastness to light. This is a measure of how well a fabric can resist fading when exposed to light. Both natural and synthetic fabrics are subject to discoloration under UV rays (sunlight) and fluorescent light. Upholstery fabrics should have a minimum rating of 4 regardless of end use.

Flammability is another important specification for upholstery fabrics. Upholstery fabrics should meet certain flammability standards depending on their intended use

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